What motor is used in the Aluma models?

The AlumaPro utilizes a Yamaha 1800cc four-cylinder 180hp motor. The AlumaSki can have either a 1100cc or 1800cc Yamaha motor. Both models utilize a 155mm high pressure pump.

What is a “Stomp Grate” and why is it important

The Aluma crafts are designed to be shallow water boats and use a jet pump for propulsion. Water is drawn into the jet pump through a grate and inlet tunnel located on the bottom of the boat. All jet boats are susceptible to sucking rocks, vegetation and trash in the water into the inlet tunnel. The grate is located at the inlet opening to keep rocks, and other debris from damaging the jet impeller. At Stomp Grate is actually a hinged scissor grate that can be opened when the motor is not running clearing rocks and other debris from the grate. The Aluma crafts utilize a proprietary system that allows the operate to cycle the stomp grate via a switch on the operators control panel.

What types of training are available.

Mackinnon Marine works with certified water rescue trainers to tailor courses to meet customers needs. Course are conducted at the customers location. Course can be one to four days with 6 to 12 students. Those who successfully complete a three-day course receive a Professional Water Rescue certification accredited by the state of California. Effective training builds discipline and skills necessary for successful water rescue operations.

How can Mackinnon Marine assist in the development of Standard Operational Procedures and Guidelines.

We provide a complete set of SOP’s / SOG’s for agency use and we will work to assist the agency to modify the procedures to meet their specific needs. For agencies who already have a water rescue program, the SOP’s are useful for adding the AlumaPro as a new type of rescue equipment. For agency’s just starting a water rescue program the SOP’s can reduce the time to develop SOP’s and reduce the impacts of costly lessons learned.

What types of funding are available

The AlumaPro meets FEMA designations for water rescue and fire protection. Grants are available for either application. When ordering an custom AlumaPro a 50% progress payment is due at time of order. An addition 25% payment is required at the completion of Fabrication and the start of the Powder coat process with final payment required after functional checkout and before delivery. Often customers opt to make full payment at the time of order avoiding the progress payment process.

What is the useful life of the Aluma crafts

Mackinnon Marine has been building the Aluma Watercrafts sinse 2011 and all of our boats are still in use. The useful life is largely dependent of how the boat is operated and maintained. Most of our customers believe that their boats will have at least a 20 year useful life.

How is an Aluma watercraft made?

All Aluma watercrafts are made with 1/4in thick 6061 Structural Marine grade aluminum and are double welded for superior strength. The interior and exterior of each boat is powder coated before floatation foam is poured into the bow and gunnel sections of each boat.

How much fuel does an Aluma watercraft hold.

The fuel tank holds 18 gallons which provides for 3.5 to 5 hours of operation.

What is the weight capacity?

The Aluma water craft is a two place machine with the capabilities to carry 1000lb

Is there a standard delivery timeline?

The average fabrication time is 14 weeks.

Are there other boats on the market that are similar to the Aluma watercraft?

No, the Aluma watercraft is unique in design and capabilities meeting the requirements for a sole source procurement. Constructed from Aluminum the Aluma watercraft can safely operate in shallow water, flood water, rivers and tidal areas. In addition to operating in a variety of conditions, the Aluma water crafts can be air lifted and air dropped for remote uses.

What is the warranty

Each boat comes with 1 year warranty on the hull and motor.