The following is a collection of customer feedback notes in their own words. If they provided contact information, they are encouraging other agencies to reach out to them to discuss how the AlumaPro is working within their operations. Please rech out for agency contact information.

For clarification, prior to 2017, MMT produced what was called AlumaSki”, during 2017 MMT redesigned the top side of the craft to be purpose built for water rescue operations, the new model was named the “AlumaPro.

MMT produced its first craft (the Gen-1) in 2011. In 2019 Gen-5 was introduced. Over half of the crafts produced are in use by law enforcement or rescue operations. To date, all Gen-1 through Gen-5’s remain in operation.

Albany Fire Department- Tyler Larrabee

The equipment we used prior to AlumaPro, was the Honda Aquatrax. Our area is full of shallow water during the summer and could only be used when the water level permitted. The Aquatrax was unstable and limited our capabilities. I saw a need for change and found the AlumaPro.

AlumaPro was the only thing I found that met a need we were looking for; durable and stable. Through the process they were easy to work with. They were willing to listen to our needs and were able to change some of the features to make them more suitable for rescue operations.

The AlumaPro has completely changed the way our water team operates. We have performed countless rescues in shallow water. The craft is very stable and with disciplined training, you can get almost anywhere. We run two rescue watercraft (RWC’s) on as many of our calls as possible for safety. They continue to change and improve the product with each new boat. Huge improvement from the demo to our finished product.

Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (CCTHITA)- Corey Padron

“The equipment we used prior to the AlumaPro were skiffs, specifically 16 foot Lunds with 25HP motors. The reason we chose AlumaPro is because they are easy to launch, fast, indestructible and easy to maintain. With the proper gear, they are all weather and we run them year-round where we are located in Alaska. The machines are working out Really great, consistent, and have had no problems. We are currently having our 5th AlumaPro built for our agency and looking at purchasing a 6th boat.”

Bakerton Fire Department -John Bishop

“We originally had an inflatable boat that was damaged frequently due to very rocky areas on the Shenandoah and Potomac River. The first inflatable boat we had in service was a relatively inexpensive brand and was frequently damaged as the rivers are very rocky with many areas that shallow abruptly with ledges and ridges. This led us to search for a more robust water craft that could handle the unavoidable hits on rocks and other obstructions.

We discovered the Alumaski Sport Utility Boat, designed for shallow water with an aluminum hull. After more research and initial funding from a private donor, we were able to make the purchase.

Since we’ve had our boat in service, it has proven to be a valuable asset for quick response and navigating through difficult areas. With over 20 calls annually on the Shenandoah and Potomac River, the durability has been nothing short of amazing.

The rescue specific design changes from the recreational Alumaski incorporated into the AlumaPro RWC added a valuable water craft to the rescuer’s assets.”

Sergeant Daniel Juarez, Anchorage Airport Police and Fire Department

Cook Inlet/Knik Arm of Anchorage, Alaska offers one of the most dynamic and ever- changing water conditions. The AlumaSki is able to operate in these conditions with ease and one of the reasons we chose the watercraft.

The AlumaSki is able to launch at high and low tides in the Pt. Woronzof area of operations. The area has large and small rocks throughout, and the Team is able to maneuver in these hazardous conditions without worrying about damaging the craft.

The boat is Highly maneuverable and very stable platform. Offering the stability of a boat, it can hold 3-4 personnel easily if needed. Our team uses rescue boards from High Surf Accessories in addition to the AlumaSki, and it is easy to modify for this accommodation.

We’ve conducted numerous training evolutions and one emergency response since acquiring the AlumaSkis. It has proven reliable in the silty and sometimes shallow waters of the inlet and at the Lake Hood Seaplane Base.

Aqua 7 Rescue- Tony Hargett

Aqua 7 Rescue has been presenting rescue operation training using personal watercrafts for over 25 years. Personal watercrafts are a phenomenal rescue tool as they provide no moving parts outside the craft. The trained operator can get right alongside the victim in the water while exhibiting no danger to the victim.

The weak links of personal watercrafts are the fiberglass hull and instability. The AlumaPro has all the good points of all personal watercrafts along with a wide aluminum hull. This gives the craft amazing stability and keeps working after hard impacts with rocks, bridge pillars, pilings, it can be dragged over rocks, partially submerged trees and keep working with little to no damage.

The AlumaPro is the first Rescue Watercraft sold that is built from the ground up to be a tough, highly maneuverable, amazing power and can withstand impacts with solid objects and keep working to perform the rescue it has responded to. No other craft on the market today has these fine qualities wrapped up into one specialized built craft.

Aqua 7 Rescue is proud to be teamed up with AlumaPro to both promote to and train agencies in their amazing capabilities.”