MMT continues to expand our partnership with agencies across America and Canada through referrals. The following testimonials are submitted by professionals who use our watercraft.  

Tony Hargett, Aqua 7 Rescue

“The saying ‘it can take a licking and keep on ticking’ has been re-written for this phenomenal rescue watercraft. Any agency who purchases these rescue watercraft can be confident in the fine craftsmanship and the ability of the craft to perform.”


John Bishop, Bakerton Fire Department

“The AlumaPro has proven to be an valuable asset for quick response and navigating through difficult areas. We originally had inflatable boat that was damaged frequently due to very rocky areas. This led us to search for a more robust water craft that could handle the unavoidable hits on rocks and other obstructions. With over 20 calls annually on the Shenandoah and Potomac River, the durability has been nothing short of amazing. AlumaPro RWC has added a valuable water craft to the rescuer’s assets.”            


Sergeant Daniel Juarez, Anchorage Airport Police and Fire Department

“Reliable, stable, and a simple platform for 1st responders to operate. Cook Inlet/Knik Arm offers one of the most dynamic and ever-changing water conditions and we are able to operate in these conditions with ease. We are able to launch at high and low tides in the Pt. Woronzof area of operations. The area has large and small rocks throughout, and the team is able to maneuver in these hazardous conditions without worrying about damaging the craft.  Offering the stability of a boat, it can hold 3-4 personnel easily if needed and our team uses rescue boards from High Surf Accessories with the machine. It has proven reliable in the silty and sometimes shallow waters of the inlet and at Lake Hood Seaplane Base.”


Sergeant Corey Padron, Village Public Safety Office (VPSO)

Generally, in Alaska, the process of researching new apparatus is a difficult and disconnected process, especially when breaking ground (or water in this case) with new emergency response technology.

MacKinnon Marine Technologies reaches across our vast state to make the process feel personal and easy.  Nick and Lori in particular, go above and beyond to help you identify and develop solutions that will address the unique problems to not only patrol and respond on the water, but bring you back home as well. Thanks, MMT”

Tyler Larrabee, Albany Fire Department

Unmatched ability to operate in our narrow, shallow and obstacle filled rivers. The Pro model is changing the way our water rescue team operates and will greatly improve our ability to help those in need. Very stable yet has great agility and maneuverability, we can position this rescue craft almost anywhere. MMT provides a great process from the demonstration to delivery.”